Wednesday, June 14, 2017

2017 Update

I’ve updated the all-time stats for the Ascutney mountain race.  Not this only includes races from 2001-present, the race was held in the 70s but I’ve yet to locate results.
Not many records this year.  Fred Ross leads the way with a new 70+ age group record (and the single-age 70 record).
Other single age records
Todd Callaghan age 47
Bob Mulvaney age 63
Jonathan Chaffee age 72
Gabrielle Vandendries age 17
Suzy West age 54
Donna Smyth age 57
Other notes:
Drew Best got his 2nd win to give him 2 wins and 2 second place finishes (his time ranked #25)
Jamie Woolsey won on the ladies side with the 25th fastest all-time
Other all-time rankings
Gabrielle Vandendries #5 F<20
Suzy West #24 on the 40+ and #5 on the 50-59
Todd Callaghan #22 on the 40-49
Erik Vandendries #7 on the 50-59
Bob Mulvaney #15 on the 60-69
Jonathan Chaffee #2 on the 70+
Full stats for all-time:

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