Thursday, June 13, 2013

2013 Recap

Ascutney recap

The second largest field in the history of the Mount Ascutney hill climb turned out for the 3.7 mile run up the auto road.  The 179 finishers trailed only the total from 2010 when 191 runners crossed the line.  This was the first time since 2005 that the race was held the week before the Mt Washington race.  Perhaps that brought out people hoping for that final tune-up before the big race?  The course is very similar to the grade at Mt Washington climbing 2,300’, although it does have a few flat sections.

Moderate temperatures and a strong field produced some fast times.

All-time Women
60+ - Elaine Dill (54:13) ran the third fastest

50+ - Suzy West (40:52) set a new course record, knocking 26 seconds off of her training partner (Donna Smyth’s) former record.  Donna Smyth (41:53) ran the fourth fastest and Jacqueline Shakar (42:11) ran the sixth fastest

40+ - Christin Doneski (37:59) ran the third fastest and Karen Encarnacion ran the 8th fastest

Under 20 – Garielle Vandendries (47:05) and Danielle Lapierre (47:27) ran the 6th and 7th fastest

Open – Abby Mahoney (37:11) ran the 6th fastest, and Christin Doneski ran the 11th fastest (37:59)

All-time Men
70+ - Hal Bennett (50:27) ran the 2nd fastest time.  Peter Orni (51:52) and Michael Gonnerman (52:54) ran the fourth and fifth fastest times.

60+ - Len Hall (41:26) ran the 5th fastest.  John Martin (42:14) and Rich Miller (43:51) ran #7 & 10.

50+ - Robert Cipriano (34:15) ran the second fastest, trailing only Mt Washington Hall of Famer Keith Woodward (33:34).  Ernest Brake (36:40) ran the 7th fastest

40+ - Todd Callaghan (31:37) and Dave Dunham (31:52) ran #’s 8 & 10 respectively

Under 20 – Tristan Smith (39:16) ran the 5th fastest

Open – Josh Ferenc (29:54) ran the 12th fastest and is one of only 6 people to ever break 30 minutes.

Single Age Records
The women set single age records for 9 ages
Additionally Suzy West set the 50-54 age group record taking 26 seconds off of Donna Smyth’s time from 2012.  Karen Encarnacion also set a 5 year age group record with her 39:42 taking 59 seconds off of Donna Smyth’s time from 2007.

The men set 9 single age records as well.  No 5 year age group records were set.

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